CMP Synchronous Motors Combined with the 7-Series

Portfolio extended by combination of CMP synchronous motors
with SEW gear units of the 7-series

Combination of CMP servomotors with SEW gear units of the 7-series

Due to the increased power density of machines and increasingly less space in systems, servomotors are now used in areas that so far have almost exclusively been predominated by asynchronous motors. This means more fields of application and solutions can be implemented even more effectively. Standard gear units of the successful
7-series offer efficiency, power density, and a wide range of applications. The synchronous CMP servomotors offer precision, dynamics and torque in a particularly compact design.

The combination of these gear units and motors sets global standards. The innumerable variety provided by the SEW-EURODRIVE modular system is now also available for servomotors, offering you all the freedom you require. All kinds of versions and mounting positions of [R] helical, [F] parallel shaft helical, [K] helical-bevel, [S] helical-worm, and [W37] Spiroplan gear units can now also be mounted to CMP synchronous servomotors.

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