Saving energy with machines and systems using MOVIAXIS®

The MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter was developed with the focus on versatility and dynamics as well as on energy efficiency.

MOVIAXIS® is designed in such a way that brake energy can be stored and reused by means of the MXC capacitor module. In this way, you can significantly optimize the overall energy balance of your system. MXC capacitor modules can be used in combination with all MXP power supply modules.


Another step towards increasing the efficiency is the functionality of the MXR regenerative power module.

The MXR regenerative power module provides a constant DC link voltage and drive perfor-mance regardless of fluctuations in the line input voltage. The module also feeds back excess energy into the supply system. Harmonics are avoided virtually completely due to sinusoidal control. This means that sensitive electronic components operated on the same supply system are subject to significantly less interference.

For machines with particularly fast cycle times, MOVIAXIS® provides MXP81 compact supply modules. They are characterized by small housing dimensions and can be easily installed. These compact modules also store energy temporarily in order to reduce losses and waste heat. If more braking energy is present than can be stored temporarily, the energy will be reduced by means of an integrated braking resistor.

Even just a few MOVIAXIS® modules are capable of increasing the energy efficiency of the entire drive system and in this way contribute to using energy resources sparingly. Our focus will continue to be on further developing the technology of these drive components to meet the requirements of customer-specific energy-saving systems.

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